Assurance Services

Third parties relying on your financial statements often require an audit for assurance. In order to conduct an audit, we examine your company's financial statements in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. An audit requires us to examine internal controls and to complete substantial testing of the information underlying the financial statements. We then document our opinion as to whether the statements are fairly presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. As a result of our procedures, we also convey our observations and recommendations for helping you improve your operations.

At MMSA, we provide comprehensive auditing services under a risk-based approach tailored to the specific risks inherent in your organization. We don't simply want to be your auditor, we want to be a trusted independent advisor you can rely on. Industry expertise we have gained in our 50 year history will be shared with you to better serve your specific needs. Our areas of expertise include:

In addition to financial statement audits, we can assist with additional forms of assurance including:

For more information about MMSA's assurance services offered, contact us at or (717) 657-1300.


"Martin Sacks & Associates has been an invaluable resource to our company for many years. Their customer service goes above and beyond auditing procedures and financials to provide us with practical suggestions and support on an ongoing basis."

Dave Hall, President
Auto Accessories of America, Inc.

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